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Solid Wax Bonding Machine

This machine is a high-precision desktop wax bonding machine in manual waxing and placing, with heating and cooling function, automatic pressing, uniform wax layer. The vacuum waxing function can be upgraded, vacuuming first, hot pressing and cooling, the waxing effect is better.

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Liquid Wax Bonding Machine

This machine is a semiautomatic liquid wax bonding machine in manual loading, dripping wax, spinning wax, baking and bonding automatically, silicone airbag pressing wafer, good waxing effect and high precision. It is suitable for wax bonding of various semiconductor substrate materials before polishing.

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Wafer Cleaning Machine

This machine is a fully-automatic wafer cleaning machine, automatically operated by a manipulator in a closed environment, has cleaning and drying functions, suitable for cleaning of various semiconductor substrate materials after polishing, and can effectively reduce particle contamination on the wafer surface.

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Post-CMP Cleaning Machine

These series machines are special cleaning machines after wafer CMP. They have different structures such as single station type, index type, and in-line type, can be used in different applications, the in-line type machine is equipped with fully- automatic loading and unloading system. These series machines are equipped with rinsing, double-side brushing, megasonic cleaning, N2 drying, high-speed spin-drying functions, high integration, small foot space, wet in and dry out, suitable for cleaning all kinds of wafers after CMP.

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