Semiautomatic Double-axis Grinding Machine

Semiautomatic Double-axis Grinding Machine is a high-precision grinding machine which is equipped with two grinding wheel shafts, has the function of automatic thickness measurement and compensation system, manual loading, moving to fine grinding position after rough grinding, grinding wafers to the required value automatically. The operating table can be customized according to customer requirements and has a wide range of applications.

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  • Complete function

    Automatic thickness measurement and compensation, multistage grinding program, waiting under overloading and other function, meeting various process requirements.

  • Double-axis System

    Two grinding wheel shafts, no need to replace grinding wheels to realize rough and fine grinding.

  • Simple operation

    PC industrial computer system, touch screen control, one- button automatic grinding process in addition to manual loading and unloading.

  • Good compatibility

    Operating table can be customized according to customer’s needs, can meet grinding and thinning process requirements of various semiconductor materials.

Performance Parameter

Item IVG-2035 IVG-3035
Wafer size Max 8inch Max 12inch
Grinding wheel shaft Qty. 2个 2个
Grinding wheel size Ø203(OD)mm Ø303(OD)mm
Grinding wheel rotation 0~6000 RPM 0~4000 RPM
Operating table rotation 0~400 RPM 0~260 RPM
Z-axis Stroke 130mm 130mm
Z-axis Feed Speed 0.1~1000 um /sec
Option: minimum0.01um/sec
0.1~1000 um /sec
Option: minimum0.01um/sec
On Line Thickness measurement resolution 0.1um 0.1um
On Line Thickness measurement repeatability ±0.001 mm ±0.001 mm
SECE/GEM, MES system Optional Optional

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