Horizontal Grinding Machine

The horizontal grinding machine is a small, high-precision grinding machine with high cost performance in manual loading, the grinding wheel shaft is installed in a horizontal way, the wafers are manually loaded, and the removal of grinding is controlled by grinding wheel feed. The operating table can be customized according to customer requirements and has a wide range of applications.

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  • Complete function

    Multistage grinding program, waiting under overloading and other function, meeting various process requirements.

  • Simple operation

    PC industrial computer system, touch screen control, one- button automatic grinding process in addition to manual loading and unloading.

  • Good compatibility

    Operating table can be customized according to customer’s needs, can meet grinding and thinning process requirements of various semiconductor materials.

  • High cost performance

    Ensure that process cost is reasonable and optimized.

Performance Parameter

Item IHG-2010
Wafer size Max 6 inch
Grinding wheel size Ø200(OD)mm
Grinding wheel rotation 0~3000 RPM
Operating table rotation 0~400 RPM
Z-axis Stroke 70mm
Z-axis Feed Speed 0.1~1000 um /sec Option: minimum 0.01um/sec
SECE/GEM, MES system Optional

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