These series machines are high-precision, four-axis and single side polishing machines. It can be equipped with copper plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, etc., suitable for high-precision polishing of various semiconductor materials to meet the needs of large-scale industrialization.

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  • Use air cylinder to pressurize, precise pressure control

  • Active drive of polishing head

  • Polishing plate temperature control system

  • Man-machine conversation operation interface, comprehensive functions and easy operation

Performance Parameter

Specification / model TSP-810 TSP-910 TSP-1270
Ceramic plate size 305mm 360mm 485mm
Polishing head qty. 4 4 4
Polishing plate rotation 0~90 RPM 0~90 RPM 0~60 RPM
Polishing head rotation 0~90 RPM 0~90 RPM 0~90 RPM
Polishing head pressure 30-300kgf 30-300kgf 30-250kgf
Machine size 1500(W)×1850(D)×2600(H) 1500(W)×1850(D)×2600(H) 2260(W)×3245(D)×2550(H)
Machine weight 3000kg 3500kg 8000kg
Hard rail hydraulic turning tool system Optional Optional Optional
Corrosion resistant coating Optional Optional Optional

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