These series machines are two-axis high-precision single side polishing machines, the polishing head can rotate, swing and work in the high-pressure and high-speed condition, can polish one or multiple wafers and meet the high-precision polishing requirements of various materials.

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  • Cast iron body, high equipment stability

  • Rotation and swing function of polishing head

  • High-speed polishing

  • Man-machine conversation operation interface, comprehensive functions and easy operation.

Performance Parameter

Specification / model TAP-400 TAP-600
Polishing plate size 360mm 610mm
Polishing head qty. 2 2
Polishing plate rotation 0~90 RPM 30~160 RPM
Polishing head rotation 0~75 RPM 30~200 RPM
Pressure range 20~230kgf 20~230kgf
Swing stroke of polishing head 30mm 30mm

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