POLI-400L is small size chemical mechanical polishing machine for 4&6 inch, which adopts manual loading method, uses membrane airbag to increase pressure flexibly, and can be equipped with friction force & temperature endpoint monitoring system, are used for planarization polishing of oxides, metals, STI, SOI, MEMS and other products. The applications are wide.

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  • Complete functions

    Put membrane back pressure on the wafer, polishing plate has built-in cooling system, swing arm dresser and friction & temperature detection endpoint monitoring function is optional

  • Simple operation

    PC control system, touch screen control, manual loading, one-button automatic CMP polishing.

  • Good compatibility

    3 independent slurry supply pipelines, easy-replacing polishing plate, replaceable 4 or 6 inch polishing head, compatible with different sizes and types wafers.

  • Small floor space

    Minimize the floor space of clean room.

Performance Parameter

Specification / model POLI-400L
Wafer size Max 6 inch
Polishing plate size Ø406mm(16inch)
Polishing plate rotation 30~200 RPM
Polishing head rotation 30~200 RPM
Wafer pressure 70~500g/cm2 membrane airbag flexible pressure
Reciprocating dressing system Swing dressing system can be upgraded
Friction & temperature monitoring system Optional, EPD function can add
Slurry supply system Peristaltic pump, 3 independent pipes

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