Liquid Wax Bonding Machine

This machine is a semiautomatic liquid wax bonding machine in manual loading, dripping wax, spinning wax, baking and bonding automatically, silicone airbag pressing wafer, good waxing effect and high precision. It is suitable for wax bonding of various semiconductor substrate materials before polishing.

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  • Silicone airbag pressing, wax bonding in high precision

  • Simple operation

    PLC touch screen control, one-botton automatic wax bonding process after manual loading

  • Good compatibility

    Compatible with 2 to 6 inch wafer, can be changed in the program.

  • Small floor space

    Minimize the floor space in the clean room.

Performance Parameter

Item TLB-360S
Wafer size 2 to 6 inch
Loading Type manual
Wax dropping volume Adjustable (wax time is controlled)
Wax spinning rotation 0-5000RPM
Wax spinning control 10 stages control at most
Baking temperature Max 350℃
Ceramic plate indexing system Automatic rotation index
Ceramic plate cooling system Available
Extruding wax Silicone airbag pressing, pressure adjustable
Pressing wafer Cylinder pressing, pressure adjustable
Control system PLC+touch screen

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