Wafer Cleaning Machine

This machine is a fully-automatic wafer cleaning machine, automatically operated by a manipulator in a closed environment, has cleaning and drying functions, suitable for cleaning of various semiconductor substrate materials after polishing, and can effectively reduce particle contamination on the wafer surface.

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  • Complete functions

    With the function of cleaning and drying, operated by a manipulator in a closed environment, low risk, prevention of secondary pollution.

  • Simple operation

    PLC touch screen control, manipulator automatically completes the automatic wafer cleaning process from cassette to cassette.

  • Good compatibility

    Compatible with 2, 4 and 6 inch wafer

  • Small floor space

    Minimize the floor space in the clean room.

Performance Parameter

Item TWB-200
Wafer size 2、4、6 inch
Fully automatic loading and unloading system Available
Loading table 2
Unoading table 2
Cleaning station 2
Wafer fixing Vacuum absorption
Brushing PVA brush, moving up & down, left & right
Drying High speed spinning
Control system PLC touch screen

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